Mousin’ Around

Mousinaround backglass

When it comes to action-packed back glasses, Mousin Around has it all. Pat McMahon’s artwork on this 1989 Midway classic tells a whole story if you can be bothered to deconstruct it.

So what’s going on here? Saucer of milk bottom right. Almost empty whiskey bottle just above. Drunken cat (hic!) on the table, dreaming of stupendously stacked feline broad?  Don’t tell me those mice… those naughty mice have only gone and got the moggy pissed, and while he’s sleeping it off they’re after the cheese cubes on the mouse trap.

Here it get’s a bit fuzzy. Are they taking the cubes off, or loading then on?  Why is the front mouse wearing sun glasses. And who swats a mouse with a rolled up newspaper?

And who cares?

They wise guy with the cigar has sneaked up…  his hand is coming at ya…

So You Wanna Mouse Around!

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