Book review: Santiago Ciuffo’s “Pinball”

Pinball book cover

“Pinball” documents pins in Argentina


If you appreciate pinball artwork then you’ll love this new book by Argentinian photographer Santiago Ciuffo.

Pinball-Santiago-Ciuffo-paragon-spreadbook4Originally published only in his native country, Pinball has now been republished for the rest of the world in hard cover by Jonathan Joosten, better known as the editor of Pinball Magazine.

Ciuffo’s book runs to over two hundred glossy pages filled with atmospheric pictures of machines – some obviously prized possessions and others in various states of disrepair.

There are close-ups of playfields, back box portraits, machines proudly on display in their owners’ homes, and haunting shots of machines in storage slowly decaying with their surroundings

The machines were lovingly documented by Ciuffo as he tracked them down around Argentina during 2013.

book5book3The book also contains a few short pieces about pinball in general and its chequered history in South America, in English, German and French.

Pavlov’s verdict: Highly recommended for any fan of pinball and fine photography.

Pinball by Santiago Ciuffo  is available from Pinball Magazine’s online store for 30.95 Euros plus shipping, supplied with a free colour companion magazine in twelve languages. The first 500 orders will also come with an exclusive set of ten postcards featuring pictures by Ciuffo.

To get a taste of the book you can also download a digital version of the colour companion magazine (shown below) absolutely free.

colour supplement

The colour companion magazine is available as a free download




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