Five second game guides

Don’t know how to play a game? Learn how here in five seconds (plus or minus a few.)

Contributors: Adam Becker [AB], Cayle George [CG], Greg Mott [GM], Bowen Kerins and other members of Tilt Forums [TF], Dave Mainwaring [DCM], Craig Pullen [CP]

Shoot the left ramp a lot until lock is lit on the right ramp; when lit, shoot the right ramp for lock/multiball. [TF]

Attack from Mars
If there is a ball save, hold the left flipper for super skill shot and shoot the visor as that will lower it instantly. Shoot the lock shot, lock three balls and play multiball. [AB]

Black Knight
Plunge the ball and hold up the right flipper, pass the ball to the left and lock three balls. Keep playing multiball over and over again. [AB]

Black Knight 2000
Shoot the left orbit, spell WAR on rollovers, shoot the left orbit for increasing hurry ups. Or, Hit standup bank to lower drawbridge, shoot ramp to lock and start multiball, shoot ramp for jackpot. [CP]

Black Rose
Start 2-ball multiball by inlanes from right ramp, or spot by shooting unlit lock. During 2-ball, relock both for 3-ball or shoot ramps for letters. Ramps are 2 letters in 3-ball. 8 letters = sink ship = BIG points. Only other big value is Double Broadside, the first Cannon mode. [TF]

Cactus Canyon
Bonus multiplier is key to a high score. Completing modes earns +5 Bonus X. Try to get Showdown Multiball via four Quick Draws; it has potential to be very long and valuable. Gold Mine Multiball also pretty good. Both of the above Multiballs can be stacked (activate Gold Mine while the last Quick Draw is active, then complete it to stack both modes.) [TF]

Cirqus Voltaire
Triple stack is the way to go. Depending on the settings it’s six shots up the centre ramp for Strike an Arc, and you lock the balls for Highwire. Get one of the ringmasters up, and have three shots left for Strike an Arc, and your three locks lit for Highwire. Then shoot the ramp three times and complete the ringmaster for the triple stack. [AB]

Try to complete ORBS, left to right, for instant multiball. Bottom four lanes also add a ball, can be used as a ball saver. Completing 1234 bank in order is big points and lights top right target for multiball release. Other release is much more difficult (end of inline drops). Release auto-lights on ball 3. Bonus count is pretty big on this game. [TF]

Collect diamonds to light locks for multiball. Shoot left loop to light rollovers to start Amy countdown. [GM]

Shoot the ramp to start Skull multiball, shoot flashing shots [CP]

F14 Tomcat
Spell TOMCAT on top stand ups, or right orbit. Shoot the right orbit to start multiball. Shoot the right orbit to collect jackpots. [CP]

Fish Tales
1. Shoot Casters’ Club to lock balls, play multiball, shoot Casters Club again to light Jackpot. Collect Jackpot by shooting the left loop. Collect three Jackpots and Super Jackpot is lit on the captive ball. [AB]

2. Monster Fish (6 lit ramps, left lane) is a more consistent point-scorer than multiball. Right loop lights Video Mode and Rock the Boat which are big points! [TF]

Future Spa
Wail on the inline drops until you get them all, then shoot lit spinners or the horseshoe loop. [TF]

Shoot the flashing shots to spell body parts. Each body part collected awards a score multiplier and lights one ramp for multiball. Once all parts have been collected shoot the vari-target to complete the robot. [AB]

Guns ‘n’ Roses
Choose super pops, Shoot the band member scoop to start Multiball, skillfully drain to pops for big points. Shoot ramps for jackpots. [CP]

Shoot drop targets on left, shoot inner left orbit to lock and start multiball. In multiball, trap one ball on the right flipper, shoot the right ramp over and over with the left flipper. [CP]

Indiana Jones (Stern)
Pick a shot then make it repeatedly. Long-term, most valuable shot is captive ball for bonus multipliers. Short-term… either scoop on the left is good. 8-ball multiball isn’t worth very much. [TF]

Shoot the DOG ramp, throw toast at DOG. [CP]

Lord Of The Rings
War of the Ents for progress on ROTK and TTT multiballs. Play ROTK, then TTT. TTT is best multiball for sure points. Ring Frenzy can be worth a lot, and don’t forget that 9 “Men” rings lights Gollum. [TF]

Travel once around board to light locks, multiball jackpot is side ramp (ignore difficult double jackpot saucer). Railroad multiball is 5 left ramps, a good start to the game. Right ramp lights modes at game saucer. [TF]

Monster Bash
Collect all monsters to start Monster Bash wizard mode. Complete all monster modes to collect instruments and light Monster of Rock wizard mode. Shoot centre lane to lit Mosh Pit Multiball at scoop. [GM]

Use super skill shot to advance gears. Go for Gear 6 Multiball. Get 2x scoring going. Start Gear 6 MB. Shoot SJP. Burnout Multiball is also worth a lot (four captive ball shots). Alternately, go for Drift Race: play modes and ignore gears unless one target away, or when targets are necessary for mode progress. Use Mystery Ford (left ramp) to bypass some modes (if award isn’t what you want, shoot ramp again for a new selection). [TF]

Party Zone
Shoot the left ramp. [CP]

Inlanes light the spinners on the opposite sides of the playfield. Once a spinner is hit, you will have to hit the inlane switch again to relight it. Advance bonus by quicksilver letters, bonus x on the drop targets just below right spinner. If you’re close to finishing QUICKSILVER, concentrate on that. Middle 4-bank spots an unlit letter. [TF]

Shoot bulldozer 4 times to light locks on left for multiball. Shoot ramps and loops to light scoop for modes. [GM]

RADICAL letters light lock, second lock starts multiball, lower side ramp is 5 million jackpot. Spot RADICAL letters behind the drop targets if you have trouble. Keep plugging away at letters! [TF]

Revenge From Mars
See that “Capture” (Lock) shot? Shoot that. A lot. Or play the modes. At start of game, best mode pick is probably “Big O Beam”. Don’t worry much about completing modes flawlessly. Every three modes you complete gives you a Bonus Wave Multiball, which is good points, but getting to Mothership Multiball can be huge points. [TF]

Space Hawks
Shoot the ramp. [CP]

There are three lock shots, one on the right side of the playfield, one on the left and one way up the centre at the back of the machine. Lock three balls for multiball. You can also start multiball by going down the outlane and using the outlane flipper to hit the standup at the end of the inlane. This will raise the middle ramp to lock a ball and start multiball. [AB]

Star Wars (DE)
Shoot the centre ramp [CP]

Tales of the Arabian Nights
Repeatedly hit genie lamp to get 15 gems to start lightning lamp. Shoot bazaar before lightning timer runs out and choose 3 x lightning lamp scoring option. Repeatedly hit lightning lamp for huge scores until draining. At later lamp levels you can score over 5 million a hit! [DCM]

Lock lights on any passenger pickup, then start multiball on the left ramp. During multiball, get the bonus for relocking or focus on difficult passengers (drop target banks). Jackpot lights immediately when all 5 passengers picked up on Gorby shot. Skill shots are big. Some players try to get 25k on early balls to pick up free passengers. [TF]

Terminator 2
Shoot the skull to light lock, put a ball in the skull to fire the gun, shoot the gun at the lit target to start multiball. The left loop, left saucer and skull are lit for locks. Lock the balls to light the Jackpot at the gun. Shoot the gun at the lit target for Jackpot. The skull will now be lit for Super Jackpot, load the gun and hit the moving light. [AB]

The Addams Family
Shoot the chair when lit to start modes. Shoot the main ramp to relight the chair. Hit the bookcase to spell GREED and lock balls at lights to start multiball. Shoot left ramp for Jackpot. [AB]

The Simpsons Pinball Party
1. Shoot the garage to get to the upper playfield. Shoot under the TV to start a TV mode – this will place a timer on the clock. Shoot the couch to lock three balls and play multiball. If at any time your timer is running low on the TV, start another mode or shoot the Otto shot to restart the timer. [AB]

2. Right orbit lights modes, TV starts them. Try to start a pile of modes then Couch Multiball, modes carry through as long as you start another before the timer runs out. Modes lead to Alien Invasion. Stacking multiballs is good. [TF]

Theatre of Magic
Spell Magic to light lock, balls are locked on the orbits around the trunk. Shoot the trunk to start multiball. If you can hit the trunk within the first 5 seconds of multiball you get 100 million. Also spend lots of time shooting the left loop for THEATRE letters and bonus multiplier. [AB]

Transformers LE
Choose to play as Autobot. Mudflap and Skids is a 2 ball multiball. Shoot the lit Autobot Triangles to start modes. Make sure you get as many Playfield X’s as you can by completing the inlanes. Multiball is available on Optimus or Megatron. Drop the Megatron target to lock balls, or shoot the Optimus shot to raise the ramp and then hit Optimus for multiball. [AB]

TRON: Legacy
End of Line is the most valuable thing is this game. Every time you shoot the right ramp to feed the left flipper shoot the scoop to collect the End of Line Jackpot. Light cycle multiball is lit on the scoop by collecting light cycle shots. Shoot the Quorra shot and the right ramp to set up your End of Line and light Quorra multiball. [AB]

Twilight Zone
Shoot the left and right ramp to spell gumball and light lock. Lock three balls or shoot the left ramp if lit to start multiball. Shoot the right orbit for Gumball and to get the white ceramic powerball. Shoot the powerball back into the gumball machine for Powerball multiball. [AB]

Shoot the cellar when yellow lamp is lit to collect awards. Shoot
blinking arrows to light right ramp green and lock three balls. Start
multiball by shooting left ramp with upper right flipper. During
multiball, each consecutive shot over the left ramp scores one million
more than the previous one. (Heinz-Peter Bader)

Hit the green standup targets on the right and left of the No Way Out hazard to light lock. Lock three balls for Whitewater multiball. Collect Jackpots with the upper right flipper on the upper playfield. For big points try and have 5X Playfield mode running before starting multiball. [AB]

Shoot the ramp. [CP]

Bash Wolverine as many times as necessary to start Wolverine multiball. Before that try and have Sentinels running so you can stack both at the same time. The green targets light lock for Magneto. Lock four balls to start Magneto multiball, the number of heroes you collect before the multiball determines which shots will be lit for jackpot and how much they will be worth. [AB]

And finally, from former World Pinball Champion Cayle George:

Any Stern game
Shoot stuff, get points!

Photo by Cyril-Rana!!

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